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Guiding Principles & Goals

Guiding Principles

  • Active exploration is essential to learning.
  • Learning is a social endeavor, an exchange of ideas which results in deeper conceptual understanding.
  • Foundational skills and achievable challenges create the stepping stones to future learning.
  • Learnig strategies must be developmentally appropriate, individualized, and personally meaningful.
  • A positive and secure environment opens the door to true learning.


Program Goals/Outcomes

  • Creating a safe, secure “neighborhood” community for all families.
  • Preparing children for future academic success.
  • Motivating and supporting staff to continue their progress towards excellence through continued education.
  • Allowing children opportunities to fully participate in group settings while expressing their own unique individuality.
  • Respecting and nurturing families in their efforts to raise caring and contributing members of society.
  • Enjoying each other in our respective roles.