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Curricular Philosophy

  • Learning is a social endeavor, an exchange of ideas which results in deeper conceptual understanding.
  • Foundational skills and achievable challenges create the stepping stones to future learning.
  • Learning strategies must be developmentally appropriate, individualized, and personally meaningful.
  • A positive and secure environment opens the door to active exploration which is essential to foundational learning.

Curricula Implemented

ECDC has chosen to utilize The Creative Curriculum, a nationally-recognized curricula which present balance, diverse teaching methods and strategies, family involvement, and foundational skills.  Teachers use components of  the curricula to provide experiences promoting physical well-being and motor development, social/emotional development, motivation to learn, language acquisition, cognition, and general knowledge.

ECDC is endorsed as an Eco-Healthy Child Care. We are also recognized as meeting “Let’s Move! Child Care” standards, a program established by First Lady Michelle Obama for developing healthy habits in our children.

Each classroom individualizes the curricula to best meet the needs of their present group of children.

The following links provide further information on our curriculum: