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Daisies (Young toddlers)

Let’s get ready for a fun, exciting and enriched learning environment with the young toddler class!  We will be on an educational journey that focuses on growth and development; through exploration, discovery, conversation and learning interactions that is supposed by the young toddler teachers.  The learning environment will also be nurturing, as many of our young toddlers are becoming eager learners, who are excited about the world that awaits them.  This is an important time in your child’s life as children observe and interact with others in ways that have been modeled for them, mostly by their parents. 

As caregivers, we want to be a part of this exciting time.  Our goal is to see that parents and families are valued in our program.  Parents and families play a very vital role in making a difference in the lives of young children.  Children learn from people and places all around them; for you truly are your child’s first teacher. We want all parents to feel comfortable that there is a motivated team who is giving it their all to ensure all children’s needs are being met.  We welcome any input you may have; to prepare our young toddlers for long term school success!

As the school year gets underway, we are asking for your help in making this a smooth and easy transition for our young toddlers.  During our welcome meeting, we hope that your understanding of our classroom standards is addressed and we look forward to maintaining an open and healthy partnership with our parents and families.