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Sprouts (Infants)

We welcome you to a new and exciting learning experience. Upon arrival, you will be introduced to your child’s new teachers. Naturally there will be a period of adjustment to the surroundings and new people in your child’s life. During this time by, working closely together, both the teachers and the parent’s and the child will be able to make the adjustment as smoothly as possible. Our purpose is to have the children grow mentally, physically, and emotionally in the months ahead. Our schedule is always posted on our parent information wall.

The schedule includes feeding time, napping, and various other daily routines that have been prepared in accordance with an age appropriate curriculum. The children will begin to learn transitioning skills here that will prepare them for a set schedule. In regards to naps, formula feeding, breast feedings; their routine will remain the same until we as caregivers and you as parents decide to change the routine. In the learning process we promote independent feedings, walking, talking, art projects, and overall self confidence in all of our children. We ask that you remain patient during this learning process. We are all aware that children develop at a difference rate.

Feel free to address any comments, questions, or concerns that you may have directly to your child’s teacher. At WOW we have always maintained an open door policy in regards to families.

Any helpful suggestions that you may have are greatly appreciated. And again, welcome to our little family. We hope this year to be a great success.